Y9 Review - Wine Reviews by Wine Critic John Turi
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Y9 pronounced WINE

Wine Critic and Author – John Turi

Wine Critic, John Turi
Photo by Ian Rath

John Turi has had an impulsive career as a writer, wine aficionado, and artist. He has numerous published works in fiction, poetry, and of course creative non-fiction; focusing on all aspects of wine. He is a former child actor, with the anxiety to prove it.

He began college with a major in Mortuary Science and then switched to Creative Writing and Design then finally finished at a free love hippie college in Southern California with a degree in Business.

During his college years, he worked in the wine industry and acquired a delicate palate for varietals. For the last 25 years, he has become a rare book and wine collector. His must-haves are Ernest Hemingway and Sonoma County Pinot Noirs.

He currently resides in Southern California.

Enjoy John’s latest book ‘A Drinker With A Writing Problem – A Wine Lover’s Retrospective‘ available at Amazon in softcover, eBook, and audiobook.